Comprehensive Strategic Planning Course

The theory, tools, and templates needed to create and execute a Strategic Plan for your organization.

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Course Overview

The environment is shifting – new challenges relating to policy, technology, culture, and customer preferences are taking place real-time. In the future, all employees will need to understand the strategy and take a role in making it happen. Planning for contingencies is one of the most important activities, especially pre-thinking contingencies before businesses are in a situation when they need them.

“In preparing for battle, I have always found that plans are useless but planning is indispensable.”


Effective strategies guide companies to a unique high-value position in their market. This leads to a competitive advantage for the companies, ideally over the long-term. Today’s business environment poses unique challenges, and dynamic strategies must be developed and implemented in order to maintain your competitive position. In this course, you will learn key concepts associated with strategic planning methods that work— as well as receive templates to guide you through creation.

This course will equip you with information and best practices to learn how to create a strategic plan. Whether you have an existing plan or not, attendees will discuss practical material and techniques that can be used immediately to improve the management of organizational strategy.

The content for this course was developed based on materials used at the University, in workshops, with textbook authors and based on actual strategic plans that have been developed with clients. Save yourself years of learning and experimentation by applying useful methodologies that have been refined over time and have been successfully implemented.

Course Content

During this course, attendees will:

  • Learn the strategic management process
  • Define the competitive strategy
  • Define and describe the organizational vision and mission
  • Identify areas of organizational competitive advantage
  • Identify what parts of their business are the most critical to their success
  • Identify areas of organizational vulnerability
  • Gain insight into customer preferences
  • Assess stakeholder needs
  • Examine how the organization generates value for stakeholders
  • Analyze competitive structure
  • Outline positioning in relation to key competitors
  • Assess external trends impacting business operations
  • Develop strategic scenarios
  • Learn methods to conduct strategic decision making with organizational leaders
  • Develop an implementation plan for your chosen strategy
  • Prepare an executive outbrief for stakeholders


The investment that my clients have typically made to have a custom strategic plan created ranged from $25,000 – $50,000 with additional fees for refreshes and periodic evaluation. As business grew, this quickly became un-scalable, and clients were eager to incorporate adjustments as market changes took place.

In lieu of having a consultant create your strategic plan for you, this method enables you to learn the theory, tools and methods so that you can determine how best to apply them to your organization. With the virtual format, convenience is also at a premium as classes can be re-watched at your convenience.

The investment for this course is $4,997. It includes three months of weekly coaching calls and all planning materials including tools and templates. Attendees will be equipped with knowledge and skills to execute strategic planning work in perpetuity.

Discounts are available to multiple attendees from the same organization, non-profit organizations, and prior clients.

About Your Instructor

Melissa J. Francisco, PhD works for Lockheed Martin Corporation as a Senior Manager of Digital Transformation and Workforce Planning. She has served as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Central Florida, and has taught statistics, systems engineering and change management. She has held positions at Lockheed Martin in the fields of Engineering, Manufacturing, Global Supply Chain Management, Audit and Data Analytics. Dr. Francisco has an MBA, and M.S. and Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering. She holds certifications in the areas of Project Management, Quality Assurance, Supplier Diversity, Technological Entrepreneurship and is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. She loves learning and enjoys mentoring and coaching others.


The Comprehensive Strategic Planning Course will launch January 3rd, 2022. Class will be held in a virtual format on Mondays starting at 9 am ET using Zoom. The course will be 13 weeks in duration and conclude on March 28th.

For a 15 minute information session to learn more about how this course could benefit your company, please email

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