The primary services that Transition Designs offers include:

The common factor that unites these services is a focus on the whole professional. If you are showing up in your life or at work confused, negative, frustrated or stuck, then performance and energy levels will be inhibited. Each of these services with visioning and goal creation, then proceeds with analysis of what is going on, we then review opportunities and risks that are placing pressure on you (or the organization), and then we identify options that you can pursue in consideration of the resources that you possess. After working with me, you will have a clearer sense of the path forward, and you will be able to navigate that path with greater clarity, alignment, confidence and motivation.

Let’s look more closely at each of these services:

Strategic Planning Coaching Overview

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Strategic Planning Coaching

Does your business lack the direction and clarity needed to be proactive in the midst of change? Are you facing big decisions in your business? Do you agonize over which direction to take? Are you feeling confused, worried, stuck, overwhelmed or frustrated? Would you like to learn how to better assess market changes? Would you like to learn how to understand your position in comparison to your competitors? Would you like to learn which aspects of your business to change?

If this sounds like you, then you might benefit from working on your strategy. Strategy, in general, is a term used for your plans to achieve one or more long-term goals under conditions of uncertainty. I help businesses and individuals create and update their strategy so that they can navigate change and lead with clarity.

The environment is shifting – new challenges relating to policy, technology, culture, and customer preferences are taking place real-time. Do you know how to respond to these factors?

“Change before you have to”

Jack Welch

You will be equipped with information and best practices to create an effective and adjustable strategic plan. Whether you have an existing plan or not, we will work together to:

  • Identify your competitive structure
  • Determine your business advantage
  • Refine or create your organizational vision and mission
  • Assess the current state of your operations
  • Uncover areas of profitability and value
  • Conduct an opportunity analysis
  • Identify strategic scenarios
  • Create a full implementation plan


We work together over the course of six sessions that are held once per week. During these sessions, I teach you the concepts and theory of strategy, and then will give you the templates that you need to implement what you have learned. We will review your work together and I will provide you with additional information and tips to guide you along the way. The best part about this approach is that you will learn the tools and methods to modify your plan in perpetuity.

Large companies retain consultants like Deloitte, Accenture, Hackett, Boston Consulting Group, or Korn Ferry to create their strategy for $500k or more. Medium size companies invest around $50,000 in their company’s strategy. I have worked with multiple strategy consultancies and have created a simplified process to teach you the most important methods in strategic planning for about the price that an undergraduate student would for one month’s rent. Make one of the best investments this year by working with me to create your strategic plan.

Career Development Coaching Overview

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Career Development Coaching

Career development coaching centers around helping you align your experience and interests with how you’ll generate value in the future, and navigate the change from “here” to “there.” This process starts with an assessment of the goals that you have for the next phase of your career. We can use several tools to aid us in this process if you need help deciding. We will conduct an inventory of the skills and experiences that you can leverage. We then identify opportunities that are in alignment with your goals based on what is happening in the market.

This process will help you “put into words” your ideal career and provide you with concrete ways to develop yourself along the way. We will create a plan to help you view where you would like to be and develop options for how to make it happen. Career coaching is adapted to fit your goals and phase of your career and helps you develop bold options and a path forward.

Life Balance and Mindset Coaching Overview

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Life Balance and Mindset Coaching

When you think about a top performing employee (or mom/dad, wife/husband, friend), who comes to mind? Think of a person that you think has peak energy and brings their A-game. What characteristics do they embody? Perhaps they are dedicated, focused, innovative, collaborative, have a great attitude and are supremely productive. Bottom line is that they get the job done and bring energy and leave their environment more positive than how they found it.

When you think about this person…did you think about…yourself? You are an executive. A parent. A relative. Your ability to innovate, inspire others, drive change and get things done with a good attitude shapes your environment. More importantly, it shapes your own mindset and life priorities. Are you performing at the level you want to?

In mindset and balance coaching, we will uncover roadblocks. We will look at limitations. We will think about the “shoulds” and the “why I can’t’s.” We will connect the dots to work through these challenges in an efficient way that can improve your outlook, self-perception, ability to execute and manage the day-to-day.

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