Strategic Planning Coaching

Thank you for your interest in Strategic Planning Coaching with Transition Designs.

Change before you have to.

Jack Welch

Why Strategic Planning?

Effective strategies guide companies to a unique high-value position in their market over the long-term. Today’s business environment poses unique challenges, and dynamic strategies must be developed and implemented in order to maintain your competitive position. Strategic planning isn’t about creating a document. It’s about creating the capability within your organization to focus on your long-term horizon and to learn how to organize today’s activities towards that vision.

Overview of the Process

During strategic planning coaching, you will learn how to do your strategic planning, and then you will receive tools and templates to implement what you have learned. This approach is great for people who want to knock out a plan quickly, have deep knowledge of their business, and who don’t need or want to conduct deep analysis on their business.

The material takes the equivalent of about 8 hours to get through. Some clients choose a 1-day workshop, whereas others like to split it up. Most people prefer six sessions over the course of six weeks to allocate time for reflection.

Groups of individuals from the same company can attend together depending on the number of participants.

What You Will Learn

During this course, attendees will receive instruction and templates for how to:

  • Define their competitive strategy
  • Refine and update their organizational vision and mission
  • Identify areas of organizational competitive advantage
  • Identify what parts of their business are the most critical to their success
  • Identify areas of organizational vulnerability
  • Gain insight into customer preferences
  • Assess stakeholder needs
  • How to analyze competitive structure
  • Outline positioning in relation to key competitors
  • Assess which external trends impact business operations
  • Develop strategic scenarios
  • Methods to conduct strategic decision making with organizational leaders
  • How to create an implementation plan for the chosen strategy


Price: $ 2,000.00
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