Executive Support

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Collaborate with experts and receive support and as you formulate your path forward.

While formulating their path forward, executives often appreciate a teammate helping them weigh options, discuss development, identify methods for implementation, and to discuss best practices for achieving organizational excellence.

Transition Designs can help.

Services for Executives

Tailored Individual Planning

Most of our clients want specific support that is aligned with the creation of their organization’s strategy, but that is also focused on them as an individual. This type of support has included topics such as:

  • Personal and organizational values
  • Career visioning
  • Clarifying the person’s or organization’s long term vision statement
  • Objectively assessing gap areas
  • Mindset work
  • Leadership development
  • Life balance

As a result of working with Transition Designs, clients have a greater ability to navigate uncertainty and to understand how to take action in a way that is meaningful and aligned with their long term vision.

Discuss Specific Topics

Transition Designs offers individual training in the following areas:

Goal Identification and AttainmentLife BalanceStress ManagementVision and Mission StatementsManaging ChangeHow to Develop Goals
Procrastination and NumbingMotivating YourselfHaving a Productive MindsetMindsetDecision MakingEffective Conflict Management
RelationshipsOvercoming ObstaclesPost Traumatic GrowthBecoming More Fully “You”Grief Associated with ChangeNavigating Uncertainty
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Client Testimonials

“Melissa has an excellent goals workshop that helped me get my goals in order and feel organized.  She is very knowledgeable, personable and motivating.  I would highly recommend one of Melissa’s workshops.” -Joan Harris, Sr Mortgage Broker, Excel Financial Group

“Melissa brings her superior skills in strategic planning & other business models to the world of personal life coaching.  It’s a foundation and unique perspective that she draws on to support her clients.” -Sarah Bennett, Founder, Create Your Life Events

“More than worth the time.  Melissa convinced me that I needed to take time from working IN my business to take time to work ON my business. My results are still coming in, but I see that my time is MUCH more efficient and my results are MUCH easier to achieve. I only wish I had started with Melissa sooner!” -Paul Potter, Florida Independent Insurance Consultant

Explore what tailored support would look like for you