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Is your business
in the midst of change?

Do you need tools and approaches to help you respond to changes in the market and economy? Does your team need to learn how to generate innovative ideas? Would you like to learn the process for creating a strategic plan instead of having someone else provide recommendations to you?

Transition Designs can help.

We help professionals create their strategy
and manage change in the midst of uncertainty.

Strategy can no longer be created or executed in a vacuum. It must become part of your business operations, a capability and competency of the organization. The environment is shifting – new challenges relating to policy, technology, culture, and customer preferences are taking place real-time.

Today’s business environment poses unique challenges, and dynamic strategies must be developed and implemented in order to maintain your competitive position.

Strategy is a planned set of coordinated actions to achieve the vision, maximize organizational value, and to sustain a competitive advantage over time under conditions of uncertainty. It is the process of identifying a unique position that creates more value for your customers than your competition can. It involves tailoring your internal business structure to further enhance the value that you create for your customers. As you take this approach, it will help you grow, earn superior profits and sustain your advantage in the midst of fierce competition and changing market conditions.

Services for Businesses

Strategic Plan Development

Group Workshops

Strategy Consulting

Strategic Plan Development

Work with Transition Designs to create a tailored strategic plan for your organization. Together we will:

  • Outline your competitive strategy
  • Evaluate the organizational vision and mission
  • Identify areas of organizational competitive advantage
  • Identify what parts of their business are the most critical to success
  • Identify areas of organizational vulnerability
  • Assess stakeholder needs
  • Gain insight into customer preferences
  • Outline positioning in relation to key competitors
  • Assess external trends impacting business operations
  • Develop strategic scenarios
  • Learn methods to conduct strategic decision making with organizational leaders
  • Develop an implementation plan for the chosen strategy

Group Workshops

Transition Designs offers group workshops on the following topics:

  • Strategic planning methodologies
  • Managing change
  • Goal identification and attainment
  • Motivating others
  • Risk and opportunity management
  • Project management
  • Effective conflict management
  • Being bold and visionary
  • Life balance
  • Resilience and stress management

Strategy Consulting

Work with Transition Designs through a retainer agreement or at an hourly rate. Clients choose this option when they want custom support for organization-specific objectives.

Transition Designs Client Testimonials

I am referring the consulting and advising work performed by Dr. Melissa Francisco. She assisted with strategic planning, economic impact studies, research in market needs and potential competition. Recommendations were delivered on time, with high fidelity and were effective in helping us achieve our initial round of funding.

Chester Kennedy

Founding Member, BRIDG

Experience Kissimmee hired Dr. Melissa Francisco as part of a team to update our organization’s strategic plan. This involved surveying community partners, meeting with our Board of Directors and presenting findings to industry stakeholders including the Osceola County Commission. During the process I found Dr. Francisco to be very responsive and accessible. The feedback from our team and Board regarding the overall process and final plan was very positive.

Misty Johantgen

Chief Operating Officer, Experience Kissimmee

As a part of developing our strategic plans, Osceola County has worked with various partners over the years, including a team that Dr. Melissa Francisco was a key component. These plans often involved significant research into County operations, market needs and potential competition for services. The research was useful in presenting a final product that our end users could understand and appreciate. In addition, I personally found her to be easy to collaborate with and professional.

Donna Renberg

Assistant County Manager, Osceola County, Florida

Businesses We’ve Helped Through Transition

Are you ready to create your strategy
and navigate change?

Yes! I want tools and approaches to respond to changes in the market and economy!

Yes! My team needs to learn how to generate innovative ideas!

Yes! I would like to learn the process for creating a strategic plan!

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