Transition to Adulthood

Book Overview

The transition to adulthood is one of the most important periods in life’s journey when young people make key decisions regarding their hobbies, friends, education, and future careers while still maintaining their dependence on adults. This book is intended for teenagers (or adults!) who are in the process of becoming established in society. This book provides an overview of many of the topics that take most adults years to learn, in a condensed and easy to digest chapter-by-chapter reference guide.

Transition to Adulthood was created in an effort to teach young people how to create stability for themselves in spite of their environment around them. Not every child has a parent around that can provide them with support and guidance. This book talks about things that are critical to survival (such as how to conduct CPR), things that are quite practical (such as how to operate a washing machine), and subjects that are uncomfortable (such as gangs).

This book provides a thorough overview of a variety of topics that will aid youth as they navigate the teenage years and begin to establish themselves as an adult. Topics are presented in a gentle way that is both truthful and age appropriate. This book can also be used as a reference guide, to facilitate proactive learning, and to inspire conversation between a young person, their friends, and the adults in their lives.  

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About Melissa

Melissa Francisco helps professionals get unstuck and connect with their core purpose and identity so that they can create a long term strategy and effectively manage the process of change. As a result of working with her, clients empowered and able to navigate the uncertainties of life with clarity and confidence.

She is the owner of Transition Designs Consulting, a company committed to helping people navigate change. She has served as an adjunct professor and has worked with several Fortune 500 companies. Her educational qualifications include a Masters and Doctorate degree in Industrial Engineering, as well as an MBA. She holds professional certifications in change management, project management, process improvement, quality and is a certified coach. She enjoys coaching executives on the topics of strategic planning, life balance, resilience, stress management, change management, goals identification and attainment, risk management, developing bold visions and managing conflict.