Melissa J. Francisco, PhD

Melissa is passionate about helping executives create their business strategy. She knows first-hand that receiving help, education, motivation, support during times of transition can help optimize your results, no matter what your circumstances are.

She has served as a strategic planning consultant for a variety of organizations and businesses to help them create strategic plans. She has taught classes as an adjunct professor, teaching change management, systems engineering and statistics courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. She has worked for several Fortune 500 companies with their engineering, supply chain, manufacturing and human resources teams.

Melissa has both a Masters and Doctorate degree in Industrial Engineering, as well as her MBA. Industrial Engineering is a strategic and technical discipline, focused on the optimization of complex systems and processes. She holds professional certifications in change management, project management, process improvement and quality. Her doctoral research was focused on how to optimize business performance and prioritize organizational improvement efforts.

Throughout her career, Melissa has navigated both large- and small-scale changes at the individual, team and organizational levels. In this process, she has found herself acquiring multiple tools that can support others and make their planning efforts easier and more straightforward. If you are in the midst of leading yourself through a professional or organizational change, receiving support from Transition Designs is a solid investment in your future.

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