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Does your business need to make a change?

Incremental improvement is no longer sufficient. Today’s world is complex, fast-paced, and volatile. If you need to adapt and create dramatic non-linear adjustments,

Transition Designs can help.

We help executives infuse strategic planning capabilities into their organization.

You’ll discover how to deal with threats and take advantage of opportunities in the face of increasing complexity and uncertainty. Learn how to incorporate strategic thinking into your organizational DNA and dramatically improve your ability to execute and implement your long-term vision.

Our approach is process oriented, evidence-based, and actionable.

An Effective Strategy Can Be Developed Faster Than You Might Think

Strategic planning involves laser focusing your vision, conducting an internal and external analysis of your organization, and creating strategic scenarios from which you can prioritize and implement. Transition Designs works with our clients to create a custom strategic plan tailored to their unique situation and goals. It is usually completed within 5-6 working sessions.

The success of high performing organizations can usually be traced back to key decisions to invest in and develop new core competencies and capabilities. Deciding to invest in strategic planning involves:

  1. A willingness to disrupt current processes and infuse new ways of operating into the organization.
  2. Capitalizing on your core elements so that you can shift and evolve from a position of strength.
  3. Clarifying your vision while also being willing to acknowledge and divest what has been holding you back.
  4. Taking a more iterative approach to planning your future.
  5. A willingness to adapt.

Client Testimonials

I am referring the consulting and advising work performed by Dr. Melissa Francisco. She assisted with strategic planning, economic impact studies, research in market needs and potential competition. Recommendations were delivered on time, with high fidelity and were effective in helping us achieve our initial round of funding.” -Chester Kennedy, Founding Member, BRIDG

Experience Kissimmee hired Dr. Melissa Francisco as part of a team to update our organization’s strategic plan. This involved surveying community partners, meeting with our Board of Directors and presenting findings to industry stakeholders including the Osceola County Commission. During the process I found Dr. Francisco to be very responsive and accessible. The feedback from our team and Board regarding the overall process and final plan was very positive.” -Misty Johantgen, COO, Experience Kissimmee

As a part of developing our strategic plans, Osceola County has worked with various partners over the years, including a team that Dr. Melissa Francisco was a key component. These plans often involved significant research into County operations, market needs and potential competition for services. The research was useful in presenting a final product that our end users could understand and appreciate. In addition, I personally found her to be easy to collaborate with and professional.” -Donna Renberg, Assistant County Manager, Osceola County Florida

“I highly recommend Melissa Francisco and Transition Design Consulting. This year our company Alpha-Omega Training and Compliance (AOTC) reviewed our strategic planning process, conducted stakeholder and employee surveys, did an internal and external analysis, and culminated everything into a designed plan. Melissa was super helpful with encouraging me to take a step back from day-to day-emergencies (that consume my time) and spend time developing a plan for AOTC that will help us achieve our future growth goals. I’ve enjoyed the time invested into this project and look forward to future planning.” -Brian Barnett, VP, AOTC

I have had the pleasure of working on various projects with Dr. Melissa Francisco over the years, and she has proven to be an amazing asset to have on the team. She is a dedicated professional with the perfect balance of technical savvy and visionary foresight to bring about optimized results. She is exceptionally talented when it comes to strategic planning, process improvement, change management, and business performance – all the more impactful when combined with her background in Industrial Engineering. I highly recommend Dr. Francisco. She is a delight to work with and will help bring success to companies and individuals fortunate to have her on their team. “-Gloria LeQuang, Strategic Marketing and Community Relations

“Melissa follows a strategic planning process in consulting that leverages my AFI (Analysis, Formulation, Implementation) model, an industry best practice, and a data-driven approach. By skillfully incorporating tools such as the Value Chain Analysis, VRIO (resource-based view of the firm, and PESTEL/VUCA into her analysis for strategic planning client work, Melissa is uniquely positioned to deliver valuable research-based insights and actionable implementation steps. Melissa is focused, hard-working, and driven to achieve client results and exceed expectations. If you are looking for bespoke consulting services, working with Melissa is an excellent choice.” -Frank T. Rothaermel, Professor at Georgia State University

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