I help professionals navigate change so that they can lead with clarity.

As you can probably tell, I’m passionate about transitions. Not necessarily because they are fun (although some are!), but I love helping my clients navigate complex changes and have been through many myself. I know first-hand that receiving help, education, motivation, support during times of transition can help optimize your results, no matter what your circumstances are.

I have served as a strategic planning consultant for a variety of organizations and businesses to help them create strategic plans. I have taught classes for the University of Central Florida as an adjunct professor, teaching change management, systems engineering and statistics courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level. I have worked for several Fortune 500 companies with their engineering, supply chain, audit, production operations and human resources teams.

I have both a Masters and Doctorate degree in Industrial Engineering, as well as my MBA. Industrial Engineering is a strategic and technical discipline, and it is focused on the optimization of complex systems and processes. I hold professional certifications in change management, project management, process improvement and quality. My doctoral research was focused on how to optimize business performance and prioritize organizational improvement efforts.

Throughout my career I have navigated multiple moves, years of international travel, life balance, re-prioritization of my values and in the process have found myself immensely enjoying helping others in similar situations. If you are in the midst of leading yourself through a professional or organizational change, you don’t have to go it alone.



I am referring the consulting and advising work performed by Dr. Melissa Francisco. She assisted with strategic planning, economic impact studies, research in market needs and potential competition. Recommendations were delivered on time, with high fidelity and were effective in helping us achieve our initial round of funding.

– Chester Kennedy, Founding Member, BRIDG

Experience Kissimmee hired Dr. Melissa Francisco as part of a team to update our organization’s strategic plan. This involved surveying community partners, meeting with our Board of Directors and presenting findings to industry stakeholders including the Osceola County Commission. During the process I found Dr. Francisco to be very responsive and accessible. The feedback from our team and Board regarding the overall process and final plan was very positive.

– Misty Johantgen, Chief Operating Officer, Experience Kissimmee

As a part of developing our strategic plans, Osceola County has worked with various partners over the years, including a team that Dr. Melissa Francisco was a key component.  These plans often involved significant research into County operations, market needs and potential competition for services.  The research was useful in presenting a final product that our end users could understand and appreciate.  In addition, I personally found her to be easy to collaborate with and professional.

– Donna Renberg, Assistant County Manager, Osceola County, Florida